Yealink WH6X Wireless Headset Make Better User Experience On Your Desk Phone Using

Yealink SIP Desk Phone has TOP 1 Market Share in US SMB market. Now Yealink launched their own Wireless Headset Series WH6X, which is a good headset with good compatibility on Yealink Desk Phone. 


Do you meet some inconvenient circumstances when you using desk phone on office? 

1. Your need to do multiple task when you answering a call.

You need to cradle a phone between your ear and shoulder which will cause back and shoulder pain as well as bad posture. In some cases, employees may even suffer from repetitive strain injuries in the neck or shoulder.

Why WH6X Headset: Yealink WH6X Wireless Headsets allow employees to sit up straight and relax their shoulders at all times. It has can realize the hands free when you have multiple task when you answering call, you can do many things except just answering call which improve your work efficiency. 

2. When you leave desk, you still want to answer the call. 

Maybe you have many calls every day, and you also will have to leave desk to get coffee or talk with colleagues, but you still need to answer important call when you leave desk.

Why WH6X Headset: Yealink WH6X Wireless Headsets allow you to move away from your desk during a call if you need to find a file, grab a glass of water, or ask a colleague a question. You still can hear the ring by the headset and do the remote answering. 

3. You are working on the noisy working spaces to make your distractions. 

On the open office, when you answering the call, noisy environment will make bad voice quality for hearing by you and your customer which influence your talking business. 

Why WH6X Headset: Yealink WH6X Wireless Headsets has Noise-cancelling technology filters out 75% of background sounds which benefits both the employee and the person on the other end of the line. If you work in a busy office, you’ll be able to hear your caller better, and they will be able to hear you without the background noise.


Key Features and Advantages of Yealink WH6X Wireless Headset

Affordable Pricing

Easy Plug and Play, no need EHS

High Compatibility of Yealink Desk Phone

Professional Certified with Teams and Zoom for PC using

Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology with noise cancellation make voice better

Easy manage or setting directly by YUC management Tool


WH6X Headset Compatible list for Yealink Phone Products.

SIP Phone: T3x / T4xU / T53 / T5xW / T58 / VP59 (v85+) / T4xS (v86+)

SFB Phone: T4xS / T5xA / MP5x (v9)

Teams Phone: T5xA / VP59 / MP5x (v15)